Whether it’s a productive off season plan before you embark on a strict pre contest diet, or guided through the complete pre contest phase James can help. You find lots of trainers and nutritionist offering this service but with actually very limited experience in competing. James has over 10 years’ experience in competing in both UK and US coupled with 14 years’ experience as a trainer and nutritionist. It’s this combination of skills which is required to get you in show ready condition.


Bodybuilding and Physique prep can include

  • Personal Training Sessions as frequent or infrequent as your body needs and demands it.
  • Body Composition Assessments to accurately track results.
  • Continual modifications to your nutrition and training programming to ensure continual progress and prevent stagnation.
  • Weekly posing practice which allows you to improve your stage presence and show your physique of to its full potential.
  • Online Support to address any particular questions or concerns.

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