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Chris lost over 10% body fat in 12 weeks

A popular service for those wanting that beach body look with a programme that achieves both incredible fat loss and lean muscle gains.  We focus heavily on getting the nutrition right with our main priority to ensure health is optimal (you cannot grow muscle tissue if your health is poor) before we look at optimising the results of your training. Our programmes are individually designed with training and nutrition plans working in concert to produce the best possible results in the shortest space of time.

When I contacted James my body fat was over 19% and I wanted to see if he could help me get visible abs. After a full assessment James devised a diet and Personal Training routine which we then mapped out into a 12 week plan. From week 1 to week 12 the results were more than I could have expected. I not only developed well defined abs but my strength massively increased. I would recommend James to anyone who was looking to transform their body in a focused but healthy way. The guy is the best there is around no question.



Emma lost over 4 stone and 45 inches in 12 months.

The biggest mistake that females make when trying to lost fat is to concentrate on cardio vascular exercise.  At Get-Focused we increase metabolic rate by working muscle. This not only adds shape and tone to the body, it also helps to to keep fat off long term. 

I’d like to say thank you to James Kennedy for his support and fantastic knowledge, I’ve learnt so much from him. Anyone can achieve what I’ve achieved, you have to believe in yourself.



Paul lost over 10% body fat in 12 weeks

Many of the photos you see are of people who’ve been starved and dehydrated for a 10 day period before their photoshoot. As soon as they eat a ‘normal’ diet, these people gain huge amounts of fat and can damage their metabolisms to the extent that it’s tough to lose fat in future. We don’t believe in extreme calorie restriction, cutting food groups completely from your diet, depletion protocols that look to dehydrate you so you look good for about a day (the day of your photoshoot)! or training you to the point of injury or exhaustion. Instead we take a much more measured yet highly effective method that will yield fantastic results that are still visible months later.

I worked with James for 3 months with the goal of transforming my body. I have never felt stronger or healthier as well as now being able to see strong defined abs. The workouts were challenging, varied and actually enjoyable! He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. One of the major factors that sets James apart is his huge wealth of knowledge. From his background and years of experience he is a master at understanding the body and knows what gets results fast.



Leon lost 3 stone, dramatically increased muscle and strength in 12 months!

If you want to get back to the body you have lost over the years then with our tailored training and nutrition plans are what you need. Not only can we get you lean but we can also make your body perform better at the same time.

James helped and motivated me to get back the body I used to have and now I have my old body and energy back. Not only that I'm fitter, faster and stronger than I've ever been.