1-1 Nutrition Plans With James

To get the most out of your training the right nutrition plan is essential. If you have ever wondered why you are killing yourself in the gym but failing to see results, most of the time it links back to inadequate nutrition.


A nutrition plan from James consist of two appointments. The first one to establish history, goals, lifestyle and objectives and set the frame work for the plan.

The second appoint to oversee changes and adjust if necessary. Both appointments are done on a one to one basis.

James believes there’s a plan of nutrition to suit everyone but the first thing is to understand your body and ultimately work a plan to fit with your life style.

The initial appointment includes full body stat assessment which will break down total body weight to fat %, lean mass, hydration and how fast your metabolism works. This data will then be used to put together a nutrition plan which will factor in taste preference, lifestyle and goals.

The second appointment will take place two weeks later where tweaks and adjustments will be made also a chance to discuss and check progress with James. Messenger support will also be available even after both of the sessions.