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Get-Focused corporate fitness training packages are the perfect way to keep you and your workforce fit, healthy and motivated. By providing expert trainers and bespoke fitness training plans, designed around your group’s needs, the Get-Focused corporate fitness plans can be delivered for groups of 4 people right up to groups of 50. Sessions last up to 50min and can take place on site at a time to fit in with your employee’s schedule.

By having a fit and healthy workforce you can help your company reduce absenteeism levels, increase productivity, help with team bonding and create a positive environment for your staff. A bespoke corporate fitness programme can work wonders for the health of your business as well as the individual health of your co-workers and employees. We structure the groups to ensure everybody can take part no matter what their level of fitness is.

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Corporate Fitness with Dan.

I have a vast amount of experience in sport with both playing and coaching roles which have given me the ability to motivate both individuals and groups to fulfil maximum potential.

I have a real eye for detail which ensures I leave no stone unturned and if our first path together is unsuccessful then I have the adaptability and knowledge to find the right path for you. My passion and drive to succeed are so high that the end result will be the goal you aimed for.

You will often hear me say "Strive for progression, not perfection" If you can abide by this we will get you to where you want to be. 


Coroporate Fitness

Dan Hewes
Corporate Fitness Trainer

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