The BIGGEST SCAM of 2016

This time of year we see every type of detox known to man advertised. Juice diets, fasting, detox pills…. you name it, someone is cashing in on the biggest MYTH there is.

You CAN NOT detox the body undoing months/years of abuse in a matter of days.

The truth is, if this “detoxing” movement causes people to eat more vegetables, stop smoking, drink healthy juices, or exercise more, then this whole fad isn’t a bad thing. Indeed, that detox salad linked to the above is delicious and very healthy. What I believe is damaging is people using this to fix damage not making positive changes to their lifestyle long term.

Good health and proper nutrition can’t really be cheated. The only person you’re cheating is yourself. Understand that a detox salad/juice/meal can be really healthy for you – but it’s not magically removing evil “toxins” from your body.

So in 2016 apply good principles of diet, nutrition and training and make it a lifestyle. Don’t fall for the scams claiming if you take x and do x you will detoxify your body.

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